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27-11-2013 | News

Championship on modeling and nail-design in Irkutsk identify winners!

New date of nail-championship has fixes on competitive map of Russia! IV International Championship In the world of style and beauty has held 16th and 17th of November 2013 in Russia. This competition became a qualifying tournament to the prestigious international beauty-festival Nevskie Berega-2014. Specialists of different categories like Masters, Debutants, Juniors, has take a part in competition. The judges team was presented by referees of INES: fellow judges Bilevich Maria, Topchii Inga and Salamatova Olga.

To show high level of professionalism and serious skills competitors should in different nominations. Especially interesting and remarkable was the work in Salon aquarium design. In the base of competition was fantasy on flower theme, especially lilies. An easy, silky, airy picture on semiopaque nails has impressed judges.

In the one of the most difficult competitions Third-dimensional design on the theme Fashion from Couture masters could even to create main heroes of famous TV-show Fashion judgment.

Fairytale from childhood become a theme of nomination Applied design. Judges states that illustration of fairytale Tsar Saltane was original.

The results of participating in Modeling and Design nominations will summarized with another pointes in Rating-2013 of INES. But thats not all. The winners of this project will get the title of Best Master and as a special prize they get cups, diplomas and prizes from sponsors: 2 certificates from Internet-shop of jewelry Freya (25000 rubles) and from professional nail-specialized technique company Konstanta-Med (30000 rubles).

We congratulate winners and competitors of championship! We wish them good luck and inspiration! See you soon on next championship!

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