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Competition conditions and criteria

Among the main tasks of the International Nail Experts' School INES are training the high-qualified judges and setting the certain standards concerning conditions and criteria of nail competitions. Also it is very important to bring to the notice of competitors all these rules and criteria. Thus, now each master who wants to take part in some contest under the aegis of INES can easily understand what is demanded to perform a good work.

The participants can take part in the competition on an internal basis (works to be performed straight on the competition during a limited period of time) or present to the jury works previously made at home. Given the fact the contest conditions and criteria can differ.

You can get to know more about the basic terms and conditions of competitions on an internal or distance basis and also about work evaluation criteria and judging procedure in section "Competitions"

. Please pay attention that there are certain conditions and criteria of judging for each competition.

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