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Rating of the Nail Industry Specialists "Best Masters under the INES version"

Rating of the nail industry specialists is an unprecedented project which helps to reveal the best nail service professionals. In February 2010 The International Nail Experts' School INES began calculating results each competitor gets taking part in competitions. It is important the contest must be held under the aegis of INES. Today, more than ten nail championships accepted the School's conditions and criteria and the list is constantly widened (the whole contest list is available in "Dates and Regulations". The rating position of each competitor depends on a total sum of points gained on these competitions.

Many nail specialists are already engaged in competition for the first lines of this prestigious top-list. Hurry up and take part in nail contests held this year according to the INES conditions and criteria! The more competitions you taking part in the more your chance to hit the top rating lines! All country will learn about your victory! The nail masters' rating is your best guarantee of successful career, recognition and the highest popularity among clients!

Formula of rating calculation: :

Rating score = sum of points x x / , where

- contest complication coefficient
category coefficient
quantity of judges

Coefficients are available in "Dates and Regulations"

Total 2010 results are available in "Rating List". Mind the updates.

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